1199NW Illegitimacy 

It is with great regret that I must report the following…  The president of 1199NW called me this evening to state that Western State Hospital has NO executive board member.  Not only will there be NO fair reelection, but DSHS will undergo underrepresentation for the third (and forth) year in a row.  There was no explanation for this other than I was being asked to recommend to our membership that I agree with the new 2015 collective bargaining agreement.  I DO NOT!  As I stated to the president of 1199NW, I have not been allowed to see the wording of the agreement and therefore I would not support it.  The president of 1199NW did not agree to provide me with the wording, I would not support an agreement which I could not review prior to a vote.  I believe this issue provides a clear understanding of the difference between the president of 1199NW and I.  My stance is that membership must see the actual agreement prior to voting on it.  The president of 1199NW disagrees.  I will post the wording when (and if) it is provided to me, it has not been provided to me yet.

I urge that DSHS votes NO on the 2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If the agreement is valid, then let 1199NW provide a copy of the actual agreement language to DSHS membership PRIOR to a fair vote.

With regard to DSHS 1199NW representation, I can state that 1199NW is NOT a democratic union.  1199NW does not follow its own Bylaws in the following areas:

  • 1199NW has NOT voted in a District Hearing & Appeals Board for a two year term in a District Delegate Assembly.
  • 1199NW has NOT voted in a VALID Election Board where membership serves as the chair person at a District Delegate Assembly.
  • 1199NW imposed a structure on Western State Hospital that does not apply to any other Chapter with a false Election Board and District Hearing & Appeals Board.

The 1199NW president intends for DSHS to act (yet again) as a political sacrificial lamb.  I urge DSHS nurses to fight 1199NW with regard to this issue.  DSHS nurses deserve and require a market adjustment for wages as well as a cost of living increase.  What was settled for by 1199NW was insulting, hence we were not provided with the agreement wording.  

We are heading towards another WSH reelection.  I believe that 1199NW is a non-democratic union which is controlled, not by members, but by the district officers and organizers hired by the union.  Note that no dues go back to any Chapter and that dues are only applied toward the Democratic National Committee.  1199NW is a political action committee, not a true labor union.  I intend to change this.

I want the next election to be a referandum on whether 1199NW should conduct itself as a labor union or a political action committee.  

In the past years, I have conducted grievances alone with no help from 1199NW.  Most arbitration cases have been dumped by 1199NW.  My actions have resulted in two cases being brought before arbitration long after timeframes would have allowed for this.  

I ask that our membership in DSHS fight with me and end the current dictatorship of 1199NW.  We can still compel 1199NW to comply with their own Bylaws and for the first time become a democratic union.  

© Paul Vilja 2017