2015 DSHS Employee Survey

DSHS has just released the Western State Hospital 2015 Employee Survey.  The report does not include employee comments…  This is the first indication of a major coverup.   

First lets look at the “Major Comment Themes” section:

screenshot 146

Note that the survey indicates that almost all areas fall under “needs work.”   Note the “Management” and “Genera/Other” (what the hell is that?) numbers.  I find it interesting that comments were not provided so as to give the “needs work” heading more meaning in each area, especially “other."  Those of us that work at WSH, understand this meaning well.  Numerous requests for changes in WSH Administration will not be published in an election year.

The next section of the survey has been compiled in an obscure and obfuscation attempted way…  It breaks down change in views from 2013 when the new CEO and his Administration were appointed until 2015.  Pay particular attention to the section entitled “Change 13-15.”  This indicates almost zero positive changes and a devastating reduction in work productivity point of view.  Note that NOT all negative numbers were redlined, view this as part of the Administrative cover-up of the true meaning of this survey.  It is my opinion that if this was not an election year, the true level of failure of the current DSHS Administration would have been published rather than covered up.

screenshot 147

The way this survey was published is problematic at best.  Unless the truth is plainly presented, it cannot be addressed.  

The CEO of WSH gave the following response:

screenshot 149

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