Ad Hoc Safety Committee Meeting

Today an Ad Hoc Safety Committee meeting was held at WSH and CSTC.  The group toured CSTC this morning.  We had an outstanding presentation by Eric Logan PNE at CSTC.  We then had an extended meeting with visiting Eastern State Hospital employees at WSH.  We discussed input form Eastern State Hospital employees of what they learned the past day at Western State Hospital.  We discussed that staffing plans would be completed and submitted by the Joint Nurse Staffing Committee’s in WSH, ESH, and CSTC by May 1st.  A staffing cost package would be compiled in May for DSHS.  The funding request would include training, permanent float pools, etc.  There is much work to do.  DSHS appears to be committed to putting all past safety recommendations into affect.  Thank you DSHS for your efforts with the Ad Hoc Safety Committee!    

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