Another Love Letter from 1199NW

Apparently I am privileged enough to get something from 1199NW…  An actual appeal hearing before the (illegitimate)  Hearing & Appeals Board, unlike the appeal hearing I was denied before the illegitimate Election Board which is the ruling that was appealed.  Confusing isn’t it.  Dictatorships rarely make sense.  By the way, 1199NW states that I will get a copy of the new collective bargaining agreement within two weeks…  It sure beats the months it they earlier told me it would take.  It will be nice to see what membership voted yes on.  I will post it as soon as I get it. 

Below is my Appeals Board notification:

Paul Vilja

RE: Appeal and Complaint

Dear Paul Vilja:

We acknowledge receipt of your appeal of the Chapter Hearing Board's

decision. Pursuant to Article VII(l)(k) of the Bylaws, your appeal will be

referred to the District Hearing and Appeals Board.

Pursuant to Article VIll( 4)( a)(I), your complaint against the President will

be referred to the District Hearing and Appeals Board.

The District Hearing and Appeals Board will convene a hearing. You will

be contacted regarding a hearing date.



Emily\! an Bronkhorst

I wish to thank 1199NW for allowing me to have at least have one hearing…  Although the upcoming hearing would be redundant had 1199NW allowed me to present our case before the illegal Election Board.  Denial of hearing is in and of itself a denial of just cause and should completely invalidate the illegal reelection process outcome.

© Paul Vilja 2017