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Callback Unpaid Wages

Today was a Step 1 Grievance Hearing for recovering all unpaid callback wages for RN’s since inception of the “Wheel” voluntary overtime system.  I had filed information requests where DSHS acknowledged that it was not until May of 2013 that WSH complied with Article 10.12.  It was presented that DSHS had included the WFSE MOU language on the “Wheel” overtime registration page that included stating that as a voluntary overtime person callback wages would not apply.  This was NOT the case with RN’s, yet there were no written warnings of this. Thus many members worked overtime without knowing they were entitled to callback wages of an additional three hours.  Our projections indicate that there are hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid RN wages that we can recover.  We will make sure that this happens.  

I have requested that DSHS review all RN overtime on the wheel records to determine when callback wages was unpaid.  I have also requested that DSHS review ALL overtime slips to determine if callback wages are due for being called in to work overtime outside of the “Wheel” process when the wheel went flat…  

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