Lead in Western State Hospital Water

It has been several months since I have made a Blog entry because I have been under direct attack by WSH Administration…  I was reassigned from my normal duties for a two month period while “under investigation” and then returned to my normal duties without ever being questioned.  I am in the process of taking civil action agains my persecutors.  I had been advised not not make blog entries while the case is pending…  But this is an important exception.

In the past month my readership informed me that Western State Hospital water contains lead.  In fact, Western State Hospital made it on the New York Times toxic list of water supplies.  Your State Government has known since 2012 that Western State Hospital water contains lead and meets only 90% of Federal Standards for drinking water but NEVER informed its employees or patients of this fact.  When I learned about this fact, I notified the Department of Health.  I wanted the Department of Health to address the issue.  

The fact is that NO level of lead in drinking water is acceptable, even though Federal and State Standards to not imply this fact.  I reference the following page published by the Washington State Department of Health:

When the Michigan lead issue occurred, our State politicians did what politicians always do…  Provide lip service.  The following documents were created during that period:

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