Correction Plan To Retain CMS Funding

Please review the following report from KOMO:

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We are hitting an all time low at Western State Hospital due to clinical incompetence that is the direct result of the CEO eliminating our permanent Medical Director who was a qualified psychiatrist by discontinuing his contract through the University of Washington.  The CEO apparently had no intent of filling the Medical Director position until The Joint Commission filed a citation against WSH.  At that point the CEO appointed someone who is NOT a qualified psychiatrist into the position, in direct and knowing violation of State Law.  The following law was violated:

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Because Western State Hospital does not have a “Superintendent” due to the fact that the CEO is not a qualified psychiatrist, there must be a Medical Director who is in charge of all clinical care while the CEO conducts control of internal government and economy of the hospital.  In our case, the CEO attempted a hostile takeover of clinical care, resulting in our possible loss of CMS funding.  The CEO cannot be trusted to make this appointment, I contend that only the Department of Health as overseers of the clinical care of WSH must make this permanent appointment.  If I were the Secretary of DSHS, I would choose to replace the CEO with a Superintendent who is a qualified psychiatrist, thus saving the State much money by performing the duties of both CEO and Medical Director while being a competent clinician.  Clinical competence is what is needed at this time.

The correction plan will be published shortly on my blog…  Staffing issues make the correction plan unsound because the CEO failed to initiate the recommendation of the Joint Nurse Staffing Committee to discontinue the practice of “absorbing” the first 1:1 (or therapeutic observation) person.  The correction plan seems to center around “labeling” a staff member as a therapeutic observation person rather than supplying additional staff as would be required by any sane approach to the issue.  The correction plan consists of nothing more than meaningless words that put patients and staff at greater risk.  The Secretary of DSHS must take responsibility for this lack of clinical competence as he is directly responsible for the current CEO and the lack of a permanent qualified Medical Director, a situation that has been allowed to continue for nearly a year.

Below is the WSH plan of correction:

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