Get Active

I have heard some degree of consternation from individuals who have never actively represented our membership that are complaining of  the minimal choices in the current elections.  Becoming an active Delegate and troubleshooting grievances is a great way to progress to becoming an Elected Union Officer.  The new Delegate training dates can be found here.  To become a Delegate all you have to do is fill out a Delegate Petition.  By representing members, Delegates learn how the system works and often develop a keen insight into how our systems can be improved.  Elected Union Officers ARE active Delegates and participate in many committees, labor/management meetings, and are often active in lobby events in Olympia.  There is MUCH work involved.  The degree of work for Elected Officers far exceeds normal hours of work on almost a daily basis.  What concerns me is that it is usually individuals sitting on the sidelines that have done none of the “heavy lifting” that complain the most about minimal choices, as well as how “they” could do better when they have never taken the time to represent members actively or participated in member negotiation processes.  To those sideline detractors, get active and learn how member representation works.  I suggest going to the Delegate Tools page and reading the different steward manuals.  Get active and become our next generation of Elected Union Officer!  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  ALL are welcome! 

Please let me know if you are interested in joining our Contract Negotiation Team!  

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