Get Microsoft Office Software as a DSHS Benefit!

I encourage all RN’s to take advantage of the below program.  It allows you to get the most current version of Microsoft Office on your personal computer at VERY little cost.  Please spread the word!

What is the Microsoft Home Use Program?

As part of an offering from Microsoft, DSHS is eligible to participate in the Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables eligible DSHS employees the opportunity to use a single licensed copy of Microsoft Office Suite to install and use on their personal home computer.

How does the Home Use Program work, what product can I purchase, and what is the cost?

This program allows you to use a licensed copy of the most current version of the Microsoft Office Suite for your personal home computer. There is no cost for HUP licenses; however, you will pay a small fee to download the software or to have media shipped to your home. When you order the Microsoft Office Suite, you will get an active single copy of that product to install for personal use on your home computer.

Disclaimer: HUP software is solely the responsibility of those participating employees and Microsoft, including but not limited to installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting questions. Registration assistance and technical support of these products on home personal computers will not be supplied by DSHS staff.


Please click the link below for more information.  (This is a DSHS intranet link, the link will not work unless you are accessing it using a DSHS computer.)


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