JNSC Meeting Today

A Joint Nurse Staffing Committee was held today.  The CEO attended and made a presentation of his vision for staffing.  He discussed the new permanent MHT Float Pool.  The JNSC Charter was reviewed and a protocol for visitors was initiated allowing for JNSC interaction with visitors after all business was completed.  The JNSC will proceed meeting weekly until a 2015 staffing plan is completed for submission to the CEO with a target completion date of May first.  There is much work to do in a short period of time.  

It is important to note that staffing committees were a required component of our contract since 2006.  It was not until this past year that grievances were filed for DSHS noncompliance which resulted summit meetings with WSH, ESH & CSTC, the last one occured in December of 2013 which established the Charters and processes for each JNSC at WSH, ESH, and CSTC.  Standardized forms and process for all three DSHS JNSC’s were established for the first time.  Birthing this thing was VERY painful.  

The plan which will be submitted in May will be the very first staffing plan to be considered by DSHS and the Legislature since inception in 2006.  It was not an easy road to get where we are now.  But for the first time in WSH history, the JNSC is now in charge of oversight of the WSH staffing plan within a committee which is half composed of direct care nurses.  

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