Joint Nurse Staffing  Committee Meeting

Today we had a very productive Joint Nurse Staffing Committee meeting.  We are starting to come up with actual numbers of positions that we will request.  We are asking for zero absorption of 1:1’s and additional positions to be  made available for deployment if a 1:1 occurs during a shift.  We are asking that the nursing subsidy of dietary department end so that nursing will not perform food preparation duties again.  No more need to have food handler cards for MHT’s.  Full food preparation coverage for all wards and all shifts without utilizing nursing personnel, thus not undermining base staffing levels as now occurs on more than half the wards for breakfast and dinner meals.  We discussed the number of positions required to provide three RN2’s per ward per shift to provide for seven day coverage without utilization of overtime.  We discussed the number of RN3 positions that would be required to have a supervisory only duty, to be deployed as a charge nurse only AFTER mandatory overtime was declared and no other option was available.  We will be meeting weekly to hammer this annual staffing plan out by May 1st.  There is still much work to do.  I wish to thank Joanne Metropolis and Margaret Cary for their assistance today.  

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