Facts About 1199NW SEIU

It is important that members of 1199NW learn true facts about their own union.  Time for a little transparency! 

Actions that occur this year and early next year may result in a change of the exclusive bargaining representative for DSHS Registered Nurses.  During the past years the union has withdrawn many key grievances against the wishes of its members.  Some of the withdrawn grievances pertained to the following:

  • Equal Time Worked for Equal Time Compensated  (the 15 minute issue)
  • Call Back Unpaid Wage Reimbursement 
  • Forced Holiday’s Off for RN Class Only
  • Timekeeping (falsification of public timekeeping records by CIBS)

I believe that DSHS RN’s should decertify the RN union early next year by authorizing a decertification vote to be held by PERC.  Petition collection will begin after July 2016.  Some reasons I advocate for decertification are the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow Bylaws since inception of the union.  The union never appointed a District Hearing & Appeals Board so as to provide union oversight and hear cases of misconduct by union officers.
  • Invalidating legal elections pursuant to union organizer controlled election board, doing the bidding of union officers and not membership.
  • Fixing elections by preventing participation of objecting members who are denied due process.
  • Withdrawing grievances without obtaining membership approval.
  • Allowing zero union dues to go back to the chapter for use as chapter members would decide.
  • Zero compensation for elected chapter officers.
  • Elected chapter officers that are not compensated, are required to comply with paid union organizers.
  • District union officers can never be opposed in an election due to the petition process.
  • District union officers appoint their own hearings body when charges are filed against them.

It is important that RN’s get to know SEIU Local 1199NW.  The information which is being presented was obtained from:  (Please take time to explore that website by clicking the logo below)

screenshot 169

SEIU Local 1199NW has 19,676 members and has accumulated $11,930,617 in assets.  It employs 269 persons (officers, organizers, etc.).  It receives $16,064,587 per year in union dues from members.

Its union officers and organizers earn the following:

screenshot 170

SEIU Local 1199NW political spending by history is divided in the following manner:

screenshot 171

Data with regarding to crime, corruption, and racketeering can be found by clicking below:

screenshot 172

SEIU Local 1199NW has undergone 56 decertification efforts.  The most recent decertification attempts are listed below:

screenshot 173

 SEIU Local 1199NW has had 15 unfair labor practice allegations.  They can be viewed by clicking below:

screenshot 174

SEIU Local 1199NW has the following spending patterns:

screenshot 175

Please note above that this is a breakdown from a members normal union dues.  The above numbers do not reflect funding provided by the union via its voluntary political action dues funds.  I urge all members to attend at least one executive board meeting…  Observe how may grievances or labor related issues are discussed (zero).  Observe how much time is spent on liberal “progressive” political issues (entire meeting).  Observe thousands of dollars of dues go to “progressive” cause donations at the end of each and every executive board meeting.  I want members to truly observe the true nature of 1199NW.

As for the structure of the union I can state the following from direct observation:

  • District Officers issue directives to its paid union organizers who actually run the chapter membership.
  • District Officers appoint paid union organizers to run election committees as “members in good standing.”
  • District Officers appoint their own hearings boards when a complaint has been filed against a District Officer.
  • Paid union organizers and District Officers can withdraw grievances without consulting membership.
  • There is no form of chain of command or oversight structure between Chapter and District Office.
  • There is no searchable database of grievances.  Thus zero learning occurres with each grievance. 
  • Zero dollars of union dues come back to ANY Chapter to allow the Chapter members to purchase resources.
  • Zero elected chapter officers receive compensation of any kind.

In upcoming blogs I will address the unions’ recent attacks on the Freedom Foundation.  The Freedom Foundation is similar to the Center for Union Facts which compiled the data which you just viewed.  Transparency is important.  I can attest to the fact that the RN Union does not follow its own Bylaws.  Transparency is the only answer.  With transparency, members can determine if it is proper to decertify a union.

© Paul Vilja 2017