New Contract

Yesterday 1199NW held elections where there was a recommendation by the negotiation team of WSH vote yes on the new contract.  The language used in the new contract was not presented at the vote.  In the sign presentations at the voting areas I noted that none of the issues that were identified in the past two years of grievances appeared to be addressed.  I note that this year none of the actual language of the new contract was shared directly with the membership prior to holding a sudden vote.  This left what was presented at the vote open to interpretation.  I did receive some reports that bring great concern.  I believe that a market adjustment in wages MUST occur and that the meager increase in wages that was presented at the vote will not sustain our membership through 2017.  For these reasons I voted NO. 

I have requested to get a copy of the new contract language…  Thus far I have not gotten a response to my request.  When the new contract language is available to me as Chapter Chair of WSH, I will post it and make it available to you.  I have received many phone calls and emails that ask many questions which I currently cannot answer.  I will answer the questions when I am able to review the contract language.  

Watch for the new contract language posting when I receive it.  I will answer many of the presented questions through this blog.  

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