No Ethical Conduct at WSH

Ethical conduct is non-existent at WSH.  On Thursday I participated in a grievance hearing pertaining to RN transfer processes.  An RN3 position was posted for transfer opportunity after the incumbent left the position.  Five candidates were listed as being on the transfer list for consideration for that position.  None of the transfer candidates was interviewed.  Documents pertaining to the five candidates listed in handwriting why each of those candidates was excluded from being appointed (not to mention interviewed)…  At the hearing it was confirmed that NO candidate was interviewed, documents were created by Administration to make it look like the transfer process was followed while Administration appointed their pre-selected candidate into the position.  They used the pre-selected candidates assumed strengths as the bar that the transfer candidates would be measured by.  The Administrative preselected candidate had the least seniority and experience of all non-interviewed candidates.  In the hearing, the CEO Designee stated “your contract doesn't require an interview for the candidate to be excluded from consideration.”   This unethical conduct is so typical of the current administration at WSH that the CEO Designee was actually shocked that SEIU would be concerned about its members being excluded from consideration (five of them) sight unseen…  None of the uninterviewed transfer candidates was even informed of the pre-selected candidates permanent appointment.  The level of corruption at WSH is sad.  All appointments made during the past year must be audited.  An external agency must be brought in to conduct this audit. WSH cannot be trusted to fairly administer the hiring process.  SEIU needs to appoint an RN hiring panel for all RN interviews to create transparency and prevent further corruption.    

© Paul Vilja 2017