Open Response to Email from District Office

Unethical conduct continues within the District Office.  The District Office is attempting to implement removal of member elected candidates who are in opposition to flagrant Bylaw violations that have occurred against our membership.  All positions at WSH should be filled by a LEGAL election that is overseen by a LEGAL Election Board that has been elected by membership before the District Delegate Assembly.  The current structure implemented by the District Office upon WSH is not legitimate or legal under our Bylaws.

From: Paul Vilja 
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 10:26 PM
To: Margaret Cary , Diane Sosne 
Cc: 'beng saw' 
Subject: Re: District Appointment of New WSH Chapter Officers

This response will address the unethical nature of how 1199NW is currently operating.  Please provide responses for the following questions:

  1. Willie Saw and Paul Vilja filed an appeal to a reelection which occurred prior to an appeal hearing before an illegal District Hearing & Appeals Board that was not elected to a two year term as is required by the Bylaws.  This prevented the appellants from being candidates within an reelection where the District Office had illegally imposed a structure that applied to no other Chapter, including WSH’s past history and the previous election.  As the filers of the election appeal, were Willie Saw and Paul Vilja ever allowed to make a presentation before the “Election Board?”  Explain to membership the rights of an appellant before the Election Board.
  2. Why were Willie Saw and Paul Vilja prevented from testifying before the Election Board that rendered the ruling?
  3. Was Henry Brudney the Chair of the Election Board?
  4. What Chapter does Henry Brudney belong to?  Or is he an Organizer which belongs to the same union as other 1199NW Organizers?
  5. Identify the name of the labor union 1199NW organizers belong to.  Provide a copy of their CBA.
  6. Was the Election Board that rendered the decision elected by the District Delegate Assembly?

Please consider this information request as pertaining to the outstanding appeals that have been filed.

Willie Saw and Paul Vilja find this action by the District Office to be unethical and a knowing violation of Bylaws.  Membership, should be running the union.  That is not currently the case.  1199NW is in knowing violation of its own Bylaws.

Willie Saw and Paul Vilja look forward to presenting their case before a legitimate Election Board and Appeals Board before SEIU International or before 1199NW membership within a legal District Hearing and Appeals Board AND Election Board when they get elected by membership in the February 2015 District Delegate Assembly.  We will bring forward amendments for membership to implement into 1199NW to assure that it becomes a democratic union that is run by membership.

Paul Vilja

Willie Saw


From: Margaret Cary 
Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 8:07 PM
To: Pauli Vilja , Diane Sosne 
Cc: beng saw 
Subject: RE: District Appointment of New WSH Chapter Officers



The Election Decision issued by the Election Board confirmed the results of the rerun election as final.   The elected officers are as follows:   the WSH Chair is Dawn McCracken and the Corresponding Secretary is Erika Springer.




Margaret Cary
General Counsel/Chief Negotiator
SEIU Healthcare 1199NW

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