RN Union Pulling a “Fast One”

If you are like me, you received a newsletter stating “Vote Yes” and a phone call reminding RN’s to vote yes.  If you go the Union Website you see the below image:

screenshot 212

What exactly to they want you to vote “yes” on?

  • Do they want “yes” on spending $2.6 million a year on a new layer of administration (WPM’s) before there are even enough staff to man the wards?

  • Do they want “yes” on having approved wiping out comp time earning on half of all holidays?

  • Do they want “yes” on approving assignment pay instead of permanent wage increases that would actually increases recruitment and retention?

  • Do the want “yes” on approving raises for only part of our RN’s, many of whom do not receive our current assignment pay arrangement?

Ethical organizations and ethical governments assure that there is transparency through public disclosure.  DSHS Nurses do NOT work in a transparent government currently, taxpayer paid consultants provide top secret reports to only a few members of DSHS and the Governor while patient care suffers as there is zero accountability.  The RN Union is NOT an ethical organization which provides its members all the information PRIOR to pressuring its members to vote “YES” sight unseen.  

Within months we will have the option to petition away an unethical labor union that continues these unspeakable and unethical tactics upon its members while collecting our hard earned dues.  Enough is enough.  I recommend a “Yes” vote for a full DSHS RN Union decertification vote yearly next year. 

Note to 1199NW/SEIU:  post a FULL copy of the contract you wish us to vote “YES” on so that we can all read its contents and then hold meetings where members can ask questions at least a WEEK prior to having any form of vote.  The proposed contact can be posted on your website for full length viewing.  

It appears that it is the RN Union’s plan to PREVENT RN’s from reading the fine print prior to the RN Union pressuring RN’s to vote “Yes.”  As a member, we pay the dues and we are the ones that should be running the union, not organizers.  As a dues paying member, demand your right to see the contract and read it in full prior to having to vote “yes” on its contents.  OR…  If you don’t like what you see, or they refuse to provide you a full copy…  VOTE NO! 

By the way 1199NW?  When does the WPA picketing start?

© Paul Vilja 2017