Senate Bill 5512 Must Be Passed

Senate Bill 5512 was recently filed by Senators Becker, Cleveland, and Rivers.  Western State Hospital is NOT a Hospital under Washington Law, this bill will make Western State Hospital a true Hospital under the law, thus licensing of the hospital as a facility would occur through the Department of Health.  

SB 5512 - DIGEST

Addresses the licensing authority of the department of health with regard to state hospitals.

Requires a state hospital to maintain a coordinated quality improvement program for the improvement of the quality of health care services rendered to patients and the identification and prevention of medical malpractice.

Authorizes the medical quality assurance commission or the board of osteopathic medicine and surgery to review and audit the records of a quality improvement committee's decisions in which a physician's privileges are terminated or restricted. 

Find the original HB 5512 here.  Find the substitute HB 5512-S here.

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This is the single most important Bill I have seen that would directly address the root problem of Western State Hospital not being able to retain accreditation and Federal funding.  As a multiple whistleblower, I can state that the root cause of Western State Hospitals problems comes from the fact that Department of Social & Health Services KNOWS it does not need to follow the law that would pertain to all other hospitals within Washington because Western State is NOT a legal “Hospital” at this time.  Click here to see a document which was recently created by DSHS to prevent reporting, the document itself points out the fact that Western State is NOT a hospital.   It is very important to understand that this is the root cause of the current corruption within DSHS.  This is why this particular Bill hits the nail on the head to actually correct the problem.

I have been elected in the past to serve as Chair of the Registered Nurses of Western State Hospital on numerous occasions.  I have served on most of Western State Hospitals committees, and have co-chaired some of them.  I have over thirty years of experience at Western State Hospital as a nursing supervisor and continue to serve as a nursing supervisor currently.  Based on all my experience and knowledge of the current situation, I highly recommend passage of SB 5512 into law.   

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