The “85 Rule.”

Many of you are not aware of the “85 Rule.”  It is time that you become familiar with the concept…  Legislators have presented SB 5473 and HB 1542 to implement the “85 Rule.”  The “85 Rule” is the following:

UNREDUCED RETIREMENT. Any member who is at least age fifty-five and has completed at least five service credit years and for whom the sum of the number of years of the member’s age and the number of years of the member’s service credit equals eighty-five or more shall be eligible to retire and receive a retirement allowance computed according to the provisions of RCW 41.32.760. 

I ask that you support the following Legislators:

  1. Chase
  2. Hasegawa
  3. McAuliffle
  4. Rolves
  5. Conway
  6. Kohl-Welles 
  7. Hunt
  8. Moscoso
  9. Reykdal
  10. Sells
  11. Pollet
  12. Dunshee

Please support these legislators to allow long term employees to retire ALIVE from a dangerous and hostile environment. 

Those of us that have worked for decades within a dangerous environment deserve an unreduced retirement for the many decades we have served the public.  

Those that have just started State employment…  Take into consideration the age that you are intended to retire within the current retirement language within the PERS system.   Please support the listed Legislators for your own future.  The “85 Rule” will ensure your future should you choose to remain working within the State of Washington under the current conditions.

© Paul Vilja 2017