The Freedom Foundation, Union Propaganda, and Illegal Actions

In almost all recent Union newsletters there is mention of the Freedom Foundation attempting to destroy unions by requesting to get public employee information from their employer.  Why would they do that?  The answer is that the Freedom Foundation wishes to inform union members of their rights under the law.  With the contact information, the Freedom Foundation can then inform union members of their rights directly, and not through their employer. 

As a previous multiply elected RN Union Chair and Executive Board Member I have witnessed union corruption and abuses first hand.  I attempted to address the corruption internally using the processes outlined within the SEIU/1199NW Bylaws, only to learn that neither SEIU/1199NW nor SEIU International had ever followed their own Bylaws to elect a District Hearing and Appeals Board in order to provide an internal oversight body that was empowered to hear complaints of corruption and that had authority to take action against District officers.  SEIU/1199NW cannot be fixed internally and must be decertified in the future for many reasons.  Members need to learn about their rights.  Members need to learn the truth about SEIU/1199NW.  I am one voice.  I am pleased that organizations like the Freedom Foundation exist to inject truth when none is available through union processes or through union propaganda.  

As I had mentioned, SEIU/1199NW had never elected a District Hearing and Appeals Board in its entire history until I filed my complaints against the District President.  When I did so, the District Office prevented due process from occurring and illegally invalidated legal elections without hearings and processes guaranteed under the Bylaws.  The District Office then made it impossible for the complaint filing officers to run in subsequent illegal elections that were initiated to occur PRIOR to the conclusion of the hearings processes.   Without a District Hearing and Appeals Board, SEIU/1199NW did not have authority to withdraw grievances against union members wishes.  Although a grievance is (unfortunately) “owned by the union,” the member has the right to argue the case to bring the grievance to arbitration (the highest level).  The MAJORITY of all grievances filed by SEIU/1199NW are arbitrarily withdrawn without the permission of the aggrieved employee.  In fact, all of my personal and most group grievances were withdrawn immediately by SEIU/1199NW when I filed my complaints. Without the District Hearing and Appeals Board, nobody within SEIU/1199NW could have legally withdrawn the grievances. RN’s, ask your peers how many of their grievance issues were dropped or suddenly disappeared.  Grievances cost money at the higher levels, but the money that is used for this purpose comes from your union dues.  I can state that almost zero of your union dues comes back to the local chapter.  As has been the case for some time now, the union is run by District hired organizers (who belong to their own union) rather than SEIU/1199NW’s own membership.  I urge membership to visit an Executive Board meeting as a guest to observe what occurs at the end of each meeting to learn where your union dues actually go.  It is quite an eye opening experience.  I took maximum effort to change the system internally, I can state that because of my personal experience that I fully support an open union shop solution.  An open union shop allows a “member” of the bargaining collective to not pay union dues if the “member” is dissatisfied by the unions’ performance.  This is what is called “Right to Work,” currently public sector unions are closed shops with contracts that state that if an employee does not pay dues the employee MUST be terminated. In a closed shop configuration, the union often has great control over all communications.  Organizations like the Freedom Foundation educate and empower union members.

In order to suppress union members from learning of their rights under the law, unions use your dues to pay for propaganda mills.   The following is the official website of the Freedom Foundation:

Unions spend thousands of your dues dollars a year to create bogus websites like the following to suppress the education and empowerment of union members by learning of their rights under the law:

In that website they present the following heart warming “information"

screenshot 194

If educating and empowering union members with facts about their legal rights will “destroy our union,” perhaps it is time to seek much necessary change. Suppression of factual information through propaganda is inappropriate.  You can subscribe to Freedom Foundation emails at the Freedom Foundation Website.  Learn fact from fiction by listening and exploring both sides of the issue.    

The following is an agenda statement from the Freedom Foundation:

screenshot 195

As you have all seen in the most recent union newsletters, specific politicians are being endorsed by the union through the use of our union dues.  In fact recently at Western State Hospital, in violation of the law, newsletters trashing some candidates and endorsing others were distributed throughout the hospital.  Each newsletter also trashed the Freedom Foundation.  

The following is an example of the inappropriate and illegal content of SEIU/1199NW newsletters that were spread throughout a State facility, (Western State Hospital) through the use of union dues (July 15, 2016 Newsletter):

screenshot 196

The July 26, 2016 SEIU/1199NW newsletter was also spread throughout a State facility (Western State Hospital).

screenshot 197

Inappropriately spreading biased union propaganda (politically partisan rhetoric) throughout a State facility was a violation of RCW 42.52.180 (Use of public resources for political campaigns).  That law states the following:

screenshot 198

In order to be compliant with the above law, the following provision was included in the SEIU/1199NW labor agreement:

screenshot 199

By spreading the SEIU/1199NW newsletters throughout a State facility, SEIU/1199NW knowingly violated Article 4.4.  For the past year this Article has not been enforced by DSHS.  Did SEIU/1199NW knowingly spread the newsletters throughout the hospital for the past year?  Yes they did.  Were the newsletters politically non-partisan?  No.  Were the newsletters posted only on union bulletin boards and not posted in any other location in the agency?  No.  

Could it be that Jay Inslee and company knowingly looked the other way as newsletters that trashed Senator Steve O’Ban and endorsed Jay Inslee were distributed to all State facilities by SEIU/1199NW?  Ask what actions DSHS has taken to end politically partisan newsletters from being spread throughout State facilities by Labor Unions.  

I think it is time for a change.  The current level of corruption must come to an end.  

© Paul Vilja 2017