Time for Action!

It has now been verbally confirmed that the top secret CSM Consultant report to CMS did NOT contain any specific written mandate to create a $2.6 million per year expansion of administrative Washington Management Service positions in the form of 28 Ward Administrators.  Numerous freedom of information act requests and public disclosure requests have been made for the top secret CSM Consultant report to CMS.  While the State has done everything in its power to block transparency of government, we expect CMS to provide a copy of the report via the Federal government shortly.  

DSHS Administrators lied to us when they issued the Ward Program Administrator Frequently Asked Questions document.  The Unions were presented by DSHS with an EMERGENCY mandate to initiate WPA’s without negotiation of even IF the positions were required as they represent an extensive and unnecessary change in work conditions.  What occurred was a clear Unfair Labor Practice.  DSHS refused to provide a copy of the CSM Consultant (taxpayer funded) report to the Unions to show the language that allegedly mandated their initiation and justification.  

WPA’s are a resurrection of Ward Program Managers, a failed process that was tried in the past many years ago.  After elimination of Ward Program Managers, Western State Hospital operated with full Joint Commission accreditation and full CMS certification and funding for years at great savings.  Then, the Adler administration came into existence and destroyed everything by expanding administration and administrative support personnel while neglecting and refusing to look at overtime numbers to provide sufficient direct patient care providers.  As stated in the past, I was present when Adler denied that additional direct patient care personnel were required even after Legislators showed him slides of the astronomical overtime numbers.  

It was in May of 2016 that DSHS administration voluntarily and secretly withdrew TJC Accreditation keeping the matter top secret while knowingly (fraudulently) advertising to the public and job seekers that Western State Hospital was fully accredited.  Transparency does not occur within the current Washington government.  What we have witnessed over and over again is cover ups and suppression of information to oversight bodies at WSH personnel.  

Western State Hospital is incapable of operating daily without extensive use of overtime, non-permanent on-call personnel, agency personnel, as well as ever increasing events of mandatory overtime.  Western State Hospital requires enough permanent full time direct patient care providers to null out almost all overtime, as well as eliminate the need to have non-permanent on-call personnel and agency personnel who are not covered under the basic staffing budget.  Rather than use precious funding for sufficient permanent direct patient care personnel, DSHS Administration sees its priority to expand 28 additional and redundant administrative positions to perform functions that are already completed by existing treatment teams.  The reason for keeping the CSM Report top secret is two fold…  Prevent direct patient care providers from seeing the report and providing input on the best way to solve problems with existing supervisory resources, and cover up all the issues during an election year.  The truth is that we can determine exactly how many permanent full time positions will be required.  What the current administration has asked for is grossly insufficient.  The overtime, mandatory overtime, agency use, non-permanent on-call use, speaks for itself.

We simply cannot allow an incompetent DSHS Administration destroy our CMS funding by proceeding down the current path.  We have to act independently to display our rights of free speech to impose transparency upon DSHS by informing the public of what is going on.  We need to assure that the Legislature does NOT allow continued funding of an administrative expansion in lieu of providing permanent direct patient care providers, custodial services personnel, and food aides to null out overtime.  

A petition has been created for all Western State Hospital personnel to sign.  Also, we will be discussing the initiation of informational picketing (RCW 9A.50.060) and scheduling for such events to take place across the street from the Western State Hospital main entrance.  Do NOT participate in informational picketing during your work hours, this must be done ONLY during off duty hours!  We will also be creating appropriate media events and taking out newspaper ads.  

A key point in fixing Western State is to have it become a true “Hospital” under Washington Law.  Western State must become a fully licensed facility through the Department of Health to become a true licensed “Hospital.”  When that happens, it sets up mandatory reporting relationships and would apply existing laws to Western State Hospital that apply to ALL other true hospitals…  For instance, RN Mandatory Overtime is illegal in Washington for true hospitals, but not currently Western State as it is not a hospital under Washington Law.  Currently WSH can cover up events per directives, but if Western State was a hospital under the law there would be MANDATORY reporting relationships with the Department of Health.  This would end DSHS cover ups and incompetent administration as they would be accountable to ALL hospital laws.  This one issue is the true key to assuring that Western State Hospital remains fully TJC Accredited and CMS Certified.  

Working together we can save CMS funding and bring back full TJC Accreditation, despite the current Administration.

I look forward to hearing your input. 


© Paul Vilja 2017