Tough Day At The Office

Many RN’s remain unpaid for call-back wages which are due to them.  DSHS has the records, but they have not proceeded with any intent to pay.  SEIU will be providing all the documents to the Department of Labor for a full audit and payment of unpaid call back pay.  Stay tuned.

The CEO has initiated several procedures at WSH which change work conditions, at no time was there an attempt to discuss the change in work conditions with Labor.  Unfair Labor Practice Charges are pending.  

There are currently many live grievances in progress.  They involve the issues of attendance, DSHS lack of attendance policy or standard, arbitrary persecution of RN’s, discrimination in hiring practices, violation of mandatory subject provisions, and overtime use practices.

Inform the a Delegate if your supervisor marks you down for unauthorized leave, unless you were a no-call no-show.  Doing so violates our contract.  Let us know quickly so that timeframes to take action are not violated.

Next week ESH staff will be visiting WSH as part of the Ad Hoc Safety Committee.  They will tour our competency training process and wards.  Say hi to your peers from Eastern!  Several weeks ago the WSH delegation went to ESH, we have much to learn from them.  They spend their money on staffing and direct care equipment.  

I continue to recommend that all RN’s purchase malpractice insurance for attorney coverage costs.  


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