Unethical & Unfair Labor Practices by DSHS 9/8/16

Today I have been bombarded by data regarding the $2.6 million per year proposed expansion of Western State Hospital administration that WSH Administration stated was the result of a top secret CSM Consultant report.  I had outlined this in my previous blog entry entitled Cover Ups, Government Corruption, Wasted Taxpayer Funds.  

The information I have received from many levels today indicates that the Governor, DSHS Administration, Western State Hospital Administration, and Executive Leadership Team are completely corrupt and are not to be trusted.  There was an active attempt to commit an unfair labor practice by attempting to restrain and coerce employees from exercising their rights to negotiate changes in work conditions by DSHS falsely claiming that a top secret CSM Consultant Report was compelling them to create a $2.6 million expansion of administration in order to meet Systems Improvement Agreement requirements to regain CMS federal funding of $65 million per year.  The level of corruption involved is staggering, a full and complete external investigation of this matter needs to be initiated immediately.  Please review the document called Ward Program Administrator FAQ.

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I was present at a Supervisor Meeting last week where the CEO and Executive Leaders ALL stated that the top secret CSM Consultant Report mandated that DSHS implement Ward Program Administrator positions at Western State Hospital and because of this, these positions would be implemented immediately.  There was no communication that I am aware of with any Union regarding this matter prior to this meeting. 

Today (9/8/16) the physician union (UPW) members met with Doctor Fields from CSM Consultant firm.   Doctor Fields explained that the decision to have Ward Program Administrators came from the Western State Hospital Executive Leadership Team.  Doctor Polo (Medical Director) confirmed that the decision to have Ward Program Administrators was indeed decided in an Executive Leadership Meeting, exclusive of CSM, in which there was zero Union input.  In short, DSHS Administration and WSH Administration have been lying to all of our staff as they had done with the accreditation issue. 

Today the RN Union (1199NW/SEIU) met with the CEO and members of executive leadership.  They were fed the same lies about being compelled to expand administration by $2.6 million per year…  But DSHS was now willing to change some job description information.  This highlights the level of the unfair labor practice infraction they were involved in.  The RN Union was NOT notified that CSM Consultants did NOT require the $2.6 million dollars administrative expansion in their report to retain the $65 million dollar a year CMS funding.  Not only was this an unfair labor practice, but it was an attempt to fraudulently obtain an additional $2.6 million dollars a year in needless funding of taxpayer money while setting up a situation where a labor union UNKNOWINGLY was participating in creating criteria for a position that was NOT required which would be a determent to its membership and patients.  Apparently the Governor’s office was willing to allow this fraud to continue through providing initial funding of the initiation of these fraudulent and unneeded positions.  Taxpayers must be defended. 

I am told that tomorrow 9/9/16, Local 793/WFSE was to undergo the same type of fraudulent meeting.  To WFSE…  Demand a copy of the CSM Report, demand to know who (by names) initiated the fraudulent WPA positions so that law enforcement can perform its duty.  

To Legislators, we need oversight at this time at Western State Hospital.  DSHS and Governor level have proven the level of corruption they are willing to undertake during an election year to gain taxpayer funding for needlessly expanding administration by many millions per year in lieu of providing much needed direct care positions that would improve patient care and lead to retaining of federal funding.  

We the employees of Western State Hospital ask that our Legislators stop the insanity! 

© Paul Vilja 2017