CBA Article 13


13.1 Objective 

The performance evaluation process gives supervisors an opportunity to discuss performance goals with their nurses and assess and review their performance with regard to those goals. Supervisors can then provide support to nurses in their professional development, so that skills and abilities can be aligned with agency requirements.

13.2 Evaluation Process 

A. A nurse’s work performance will be evaluated during probationary and trial service periods and at least annually thereafter. Immediate supervisors will meet with nurses at the start of their review period to discuss performance standards/expectations. Discussions between a nurse and the supervisor will occur throughout the evaluation period, in order to recognize the nurse’s accomplishments and address performance issues in a timely manner. Performance issues will be brought to the attention of the nurse to give the nurse the opportunity to receive any additional training if needed or to correct the issue(s) before it is mentioned in an evaluation. The supervisor will describe the expectation/performance standards and timelines for meeting these expectations or standards. Issues not discussed with the nurse during the evaluation period will not be included in the performance evaluation. Nurses will receive copies of their performance standards/expectations as well as notification of any modifications made during the review period. 

B. Non-nurse supervisors will consult with knowledgeable nurses, where available, regarding the performance of a nurse’s professional nursing skills and abilities prior to preparing an evaluation. 

C. The performance evaluation process will include, but not be limited to, a written performance evaluation on forms used by the Employer and the nurse’s signature. The signature does not signify agreement with the evaluation, but only that it has been received. A nurse will be given the opportunity to provide a written response to the evaluation. A copy of the performance evaluation will be provided to the nurse at the time of the review. The original performance evaluation forms, including the nurse’s response, will be maintained in the nurse’s personnel file. 

D. The evaluation process is subject to the grievance procedure in Article 36. The specific content of a performance evaluation is not subject to the grievance procedure unless it was determined to be inaccurate or false, as referred to in Section 12.3 of Article 12, Personnel Files. 

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