CBA Article 16


16.1 Vacation Leave Credits 

After six (6) months of continuous state employment, full-time and part-time nurses shall be credited with vacation leave they accrued during the previous six (6) months, according to the rate schedule and accrual eligibility below. Thereafter, full-time and part-time nurses will be credited with vacation leave accrued monthly, according to the rate schedule and vacation leave accrual below. 

16.2 Vacation Leave Accrual 

Full-time nurses who have been in pay status for eighty (80) non-overtime hours in a calendar month will accrue vacation leave according to the rate schedule provided in Section 16.3. Vacation leave accrual for part-time nurses will be proportionate to the number of hours the part-time nurse is in pay status during the month to that required for full-time employment.

16.3 Vacation Leave Accrual Rate Schedule Full Years of Service 

Hours Per Year 

During the first year of current continuous employment 

Ninety-six (96) 

During the second year of current continuous employment 

One hundred four (104) 

During the third and fourth years of current continuous employment 

One hundred twelve (112) 

During the fifth, sixth, and seventh years of current continuous employment 

One hundred twenty (120) 

During the eighth, ninth, and tenth years of total employment 

One hundred twenty-eight (128) 

During the eleventh year of total employment 

One hundred thirty-six (136) 

During the twelfth year of total employment 

One hundred forty-four (144) 

During the thirteenth year of total employment 

One hundred fifty-two (152) 

During the fourteenth year of total employment 

One hundred sixty (160) 

During the fifteenth year of total employment 

One hundred sixty-eight (168) 

During the sixteenth year of total employment and after 

One hundred seventy-six (176) 

16.4 Vacation Scheduling 

A. Nurses may submit in writing to their supervisor their preferences for different segments of vacation for the period May 1 of the current year through the end of April of the next year. Nurses must submit their request by February 1 to allow sufficient time for the Employer to compile and post a vacation leave schedule by March 1. Nurses on this schedule shall have priority and will be granted vacation leave at the times specified, if possible. Vacation scheduling for nurses requesting segments will have priority over nurse requests for individual days off. 

B. In the event that two (2) or more nurses request the same vacation period and the supervisor must limit the number of people who may take vacation leave at one time due to business needs and work requirements, preference shall be determined by seniority for up to three (3) segments of vacation, except as provided in Subsection D below. A “segment” is five (5) or more contiguous days of vacation leave including holidays and days off. 

C. In addition to vacation leave approved in Subsection B above, nurses may request vacation leave at any time on a first come, first served basis. Approval of supplemental requests shall take into consideration program demands, operational needs and the annual vacation leave schedule. 

D. Annual vacation scheduling for the week in which the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day will be approved on a seniority basis if there are no conflicting requests. If there are conflicting requests, then the same vacation period will not be granted to the same nurse annually so that equitable access exists in obtaining vacation time. The week will begin at 12:01 a.m. on the Sunday preceding the holiday. 

E. Nurses shall not request or be authorized to take scheduled vacation leave if they will not have sufficient vacation leave to cover such absence at the time requested vacation is to be taken. 

16.5 Family Care 

Nurses may use vacation leave for care of family members as required by the Family Care Act, WAC 296-130

16.6 Vacation Cancellation 

With reasonable notice, the Employer may cancel scheduled vacation leave due to unforeseen emergencies when it is determined that the needs of the program will be substantially impaired. Affected nurses may select new vacation leave from available dates. 

16.7 Vacation Leave Maximum 

Nurses may accumulate maximum vacation balances not to exceed the statutory limits in accordance with RCW 43.01.040 (currently two hundred forty [240] hours). However, there are two (2) exceptions that allow vacation leave to accumulate above the maximum: 

A. If a nurse’s request for vacation leave is denied and the nurse has not exceeded the vacation leave maximum (currently two hundred forty [240] hours), the appointing authority or designee may grant an extension for each month that the nurse’s request for vacation leave is deferred. 

B. A nurse may also accumulate vacation leave days in excess of the statutory limit (currently two hundred forty [240] hours) as long as the nurse uses the excess balance prior to his or her anniversary date. Any leave in excess of the maximum that is not deferred in advance of its accrual as described above, shall be lost on the nurse’s anniversary date. 

16.8 Separation 

Nurses who have completed six (6) continuous months of employment and who separate from service by resignation, layoff, dismissal, retirement or death are entitled to a lump sum cash payment for all unused vacation leave. In the case of a voluntary resignation, a nurse may be required to provide fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice to qualify for such lump sum cash payment.

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