CBA Article 18


18.1 Subject to the Employer’s approval, nurses may be allowed paid leave, during scheduled work time, for: 

A. Examinations or interviews for state employment, 

B. To receive assessment from the Employee Advisory Service, or 

C. To serve as a member of a jury. 

Nurses shall receive their base salary and be allowed to retain any compensation paid to them for their jury duty service. 

18.2 A nurse will receive leave with pay if he or she is subpoenaed to appear as a witness in court or an administrative hearing during scheduled work time, except when the nurse is a party in the matter, has an economic interest in the matter, or is appearing as a witness against the Employer. 

18.3 Bereavement Leave 

A. A nurse is entitled to three (3) days of paid bereavement leave if his or her family member, domestic partner, or the parent or child of a domestic partner dies. A nurse may request less than three (3) days of bereavement leave. 

B. The Employer may require verification of the family member’s or domestic partner’s death. 

C. In addition to paid bereavement leave, the Employer may approve a nurse’s request to use compensatory time, sick leave, vacation leave, exchange time, his or her personal holiday or leave without pay for purposes of bereavement and in accordance with this Agreement. 

D. For purposes of this Section a family member is defined as parent, step parent, sister, brother, parent-in-law, spouse, state registered domestic partner as defined in RCW 26.60.020 and 26.60.030, grandparent, grandchild, minor/dependent child or child.

18.4 Personal Leave 

A. A nurse may choose one (1) workday as a personal leave day each fiscal year during the life of this Agreement if the nurse has been continuously employed for more than four (4) months. 

B. The Employer will release the nurse from work on the day selected for personal leave if: 

1. The nurse has given at least fourteen (14) calendar days’ written notice to his or her supervisor. However, the supervisor has the discretion to allow a shorter notice period. 

2. The number of nurses selecting a particular day off does not prevent the agency from providing continued public service. 

C. Personal leave may not be carried over from one fiscal year to the next. 

D. Part-time and on-call nurses who are employed during the month in which the personal leave day is taken will be compensated for the personal leave day in an amount proportionate to the time in pay status during the month to that required for full-time employment. 

E. Upon request, a nurse will be approved to use part or all of his or her personal leave day for: 

1. The care of family members as required by the Family Care Act, WAC 296-130

2. Leave as required by the Military Family Leave Act, RCW 49.77 and in accordance with Article 19.11, Family Military Leave; or 

3. Leave as required by the Domestic Violence Leave Act, RCW 49.76 and in accordance with Article 19.12, Domestic Violence Leave. 

F. This provision will expire on June 30, 2015. 

18.5 Nurses shall not be eligible for per diem or travel expenses under this Article. 

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