CBA Article 21


21.1 If the Employer decides that a state office or work location is non-operational due to severe inclement weather or natural disaster the following will apply: 

A. Non-emergency nurses may be released with no loss of pay during the disruption of services. 

B. Non-emergency nurses may be reassigned to similar positions at locations within a reasonable driving distance from the non-operational location during the disruption of services. Reimbursement for mileage will be in accordance with the Office of Financial Management travel regulations. 

C. At the discretion of the Employer, non-emergency nurses may be subject to a temporary reduction of work hours or temporary layoff consistent with Section 28.5 of Article 28, Layoff and Recall, of this Agreement. 

21.2 Nurses who work their normal hours during the disruption will not receive additional compensation. 

21.3 If a work location remains fully operational but a nurse is unable to report to work or to remain at work because of severe inclement weather or a natural disaster, the nurse’s leave will be charged in the following order: 

A. Any earned compensatory time. 

B. Any accrued vacation leave. 

C. Sick leave, up to three (3) days in any calendar year. 

Nurses may be permitted to use leave without pay rather than the paid time off listed above. 

21.4 Nurses who report to work late will be allowed up to one (1) hour of paid time. Section 21.3 will apply to any additional late time. 

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