CBA Article 26


26.1 Resignations – Withdrawals 

A nurse may resign from state service at any time and will normally provide fourteen (14) calendar days’ advance written notice of his or her effective date. Nurses may withdraw their resignation within forty-eight (48) hours of submitting their written notice. The appointing authority or designee may permit a nurse to rescind his or her resignation at anytime. Nurses who resign in lieu of a possible disciplinary action will not be allowed to withdraw their resignation.

26.2 Presumption of Resignation 

A. Unauthorized Absence 

When a nurse has been absent without authorized leave and has failed to appropriately contact the Employer for a period of three (3) consecutive workdays, the nurse is presumed to have resigned from his or her position. Verified inability to contact the Employer or incapacity to do so shall negate the presumption. 

B. Notice of Separation 

When a nurse is presumed to have resigned from his or her position, the Employer will separate the employee by sending a separation notice to the nurse by certified mail to the last known address of the nurse. 

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