CBA Article 32


32.1 In accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, #EO 92-01, which establishes a statewide policy on a drug free workplace, all nurses must report to work in a condition fit to perform their assigned duties unimpaired by alcohol or drugs. 

32.2 Nurses may not use or possess alcohol in state vehicles, on agency premises, or other governmental or private worksites where nurses are assigned to conduct official state business. 

32.3 The unlawful use, possession, delivery, dispensation, distribution, manufacture or sale of drugs in state vehicles, on agency premises, or while on official business is prohibited. 

32.4 The Departments of Social and Health Services and Health have the right to develop and implement a policy on a drug and alcohol free workplace. Such policy will not include random or periodic testing of nurses, except as a condition of a return-to-work agreement. Neither the development nor the implementation of this policy will be subject to Article 24, Mandatory Subjects, of this Agreement. 

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