CBA Article 38


38.1 The Employer and the Union have a significant responsibility for workplace safety and will cooperate in the endeavor to maintain safe and healthful working conditions. 

A. The Employer will provide a work environment in accordance with safety standards established by the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA). Safety committees shall be maintained and shall operate in accordance with applicable Washington law. A nurse representative, selected by the Union, shall serve on each safety committee. 

B. Nurses will comply with all safety and health practices and standards established by the Employer. Nurses who have concerns about safety issues should report them to their supervisor and local safety committee utilizing the appropriate incident reporting forms. 

C. The Union will work cooperatively with the Employer on safety and health related matters and encourage nurses to work in a safe and healthful manner. 

D. The Employer shall provide safety training to nurses appropriate to the program they are assigned as determined by the Employer. Appropriate safety training will commence upon hire. Such training shall include elements necessary to adequately prepare the nurses to safely perform their work assignments. Before receiving a patient care assignment, a newly hired nurse at a minimum shall receive sufficient training to be able to handle that patient assignment. Training shall be conducted on work time and shall be considered time worked. 

E. Subject to regulatory requirements and at the nurse’s request, at state in patient mental health hospitals personal identifying information on identification badges shall be limited to photo, first name, last initial and job classification. 

38.2 Ergonomic Assessments 

At the request of the employee, the Employer will ensure that an ergonomic assessment of the employee’s work station is completed, including nurses using agency equipment in the performance of their job duties in the field. Solutions to identified issues/concerns will be implemented within available resources. 

38.3 Safety Committees 

A. Safety committees will consist of employees selected by the Union and Employer selected members. The number of union-designated employee representatives on the committee(s) will be proportionate to the number of employees represented by the Union at the permanent work location. Meetings will be conducted in accordance with WAC 296-800-13020. Committee recommendations will be forwarded to the appropriate appointing authority for review and action, as necessary. The appointing authority or designee will report follow-up action/information to the safety committee. 

B. Upon request, the Employer will provide the safety committee with available safety and health inspection reports and data.

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