CBA Article 7


7.1 General Provision 

The Employer and the Union recognize the value and benefit of education and training designed to enhance nurses’ abilities to perform their job duties. Training and employee development opportunities shall be provided to nurses in accordance with agency policies and available resources. 

7.2 Continuing Education and Professional Development 

A. Because of the unique responsibilities of nursing and continuing education requirements, nurses will have an opportunity for continuing education that is job-related or relevant to nurse practice, upon completion of their probationary period. All nurses, upon request, will be granted six (6) paid days off per calendar year to take educational courses that are job-related or relevant to nurse practice. Continuing education may be used on an hourly basis. Requests for additional release time may be granted at the Employer’s discretion. Requests for release time for continuing education coursework are subject to the Employer’s approval of course content and scheduling requirements. Unused release time will not be carried over from one (1) calendar year to the next. 

B. During the term of this Agreement, the Employer will assist in the payment of course tuition and registration fees, up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) per permanent nurse and based on available funds, for continuing education and professional development programs. Such financial assistance will be subject to the Employer’s approval of course content and verification of the nurse’s attendance and completion of the course. 

7.3 In-Service Training 

A. Nurses will be notified of in-service training opportunities offered by their agency. When nurses are required to attend in-service training, it shall be considered time worked. Within available resources and staffing needs, the Employer will accommodate nurses’ requests for in-service training and programs to contribute toward staff development and toward preparation of staff for greater proficiency and/or responsibility. 

B. The Department of Social and Health Services and the Department of Health will schedule one (1) nurse consultant in-service training during the term of the Agreement. The training will be contingent on available funds. Content will be based on the nurse consultants’ learning needs and will be developed jointly by the Employer and the nurse consultants. The Employer will have final approval of the agenda.

7.4 Tuition Reimbursement 

A. Agencies may approve full or partial tuition reimbursement, consistent with agency policy and within available resources. 

B. Agencies will reimburse eligible nurses who provide proof of satisfactory completion of a course that was previously approved for tuition reimbursement. 

C. Agency funds expended for tuition reimbursement will be limited to tuition or registration fees, and will not include textbooks, supplies or other school expenses. 

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