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Welcome to the Western State Hospital RN website!  I also welcome all DSHS facility nurses who are covered under the SEIU contract.  I welcome all other DSHS disciplines who are now working together to fix the defective DSHS Administration structure. 

Go directly to the Western State Hospital Blog…  I provide insight and input based on my own personal opinions as well as provide facts and documents.

Review Recent News Stories about WSH.



This website is NOT Union based in any manner.  The opinions expressed on each page are my own and have NOTHING to do with the official views of DSHS.  I (Paul Vilja) am responsible for the expression of my own opinions and viewpoints.  I am a current nursing supervisor at Western State Hospital with over thirty years of experience.  I have been elected as the Union Chair & Executive Board on several occasions and have learned much from years of negotiation and contract enforcement experience.  I have served on most of the Western State Hospital committees and have co-chaired many of them.  I have also been a multiple whistleblower who has brought a great deal of change to the State. 

New employees to Western State Hospital should take time and explore the many pages of this site.  Of particular interest may be the benefits page.

To file a complaint against Western State Hospital go here

To express your opinions openly go to this website’s Facebook page

To contact me directly, email me!

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