The Joint Nurse Staffing Committee (JNSC) came into functional existance in December of 2013 as a result of two summit meetings with DSHS establishing standardized forms and processes with Western State Hospital, Eastern State Hospital, and Child Study Treatment Center.  

Article 40 of our contract outlines the JNSC process.  What the JNSC does is mandated by law.  The SEIU Chapter Chair is a Co-Chair, as is the Psychiatric Nurse Executive of the facility.  Each Co-Chair appoints the same number of voting members.  The JNSC is NOT a Labor/Management negotiation process.  It is a committee that is intended to create a collaborative staffing plan recommendation and conduct the plans oversight.  The JNSC reviews all staffing complaints and conducts special assignments.  This is a working committee that often meets weekly.  The Co-Chairs of each JNSC also meet twice a year together in a teleconference as part of the Recuritment & Retention UMCC.  

Voting members of the JNSC vote based on their own experience and knowledge.  Their votes do NOT represent endorcement by Management or Labor.  The CEO may approve or disapprove a JNSC recommendation.  Labor may chose to oppose a JNSC recommendation in the Demand to Bargain process when a recommendation would result in a change of work conditions.  

Voting members of the JNSC are not subject to retaliation or coersion by either Management or Labor.  An attempt to coerce or dominate voting members of the JNSC would be an unfair labor practice

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