Staffing Model

A major duty of the Joint Nurse Staffing Committee is the development of an annual staffing plan.  Since 2006 only one such plan had been produced and submitted to the CEO, who ever commented on it.  It was not until this year, through filing of grievances and having two summit meetings did the Joint Nurse Staffing Committee get a charter and standardized process for WSH, ESH, and CSTC.  The first staffing plan that was produced was based on nursing care hours.  This approach was highly inaccurate as we know that not all overtime eligible employees within DSHS work eight hours per day, even though DSHS falsifies records to show that they do.

The Joint Nurse Staffing Committee focus has been the creation of an annual staffing plan.  We had to decide on the metric that would be used by all the committees.  The JNSC gets monthly reports on unscheduled absence, FMLA, vacancies, and other data which must somehow be incorporated in the staffing plan.  How do we incorporate real data into a staffing plan to show real staffing need?

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